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Did you find silverfish colonies binding to your favourite wall painting? Call for our emergency Silverfish Control Brisbane service right this moment on 07 2104 1918. Because we are highly rated for work when it comes to both same day and emergency pest control Brisbane. In addition to this, we dispatch local experts for quick services.

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Silverfishes And Their Behaviour

  • Silverfishes are active during the night and like to hide in any dark places during the daytime to avoid sunlight
  • Make rapid movements whenever they move but takes short intervals every now and then
  • If you find a silverfish colony somewhere around your place and disturb it, it will quickly change its place to some other dark corner
  • Eat things like wallpapers, albums, paintings, books, bookbindings, clothes and carpets of any fabrics
  • In its lifetime, a female silverfish will lay about 100 eggs at 22 to 27°C temperature
  • Mostly stay indoors, but when they live outdoors, they prefer places such as leaf litters of rotting plants and logs; only from moist areas
  • They moult throughout their life of 2 years.

Amazing Silverfish Pest Control Treatment In Brisbane By MAX Pest Control

Silverfish insect bodies are flattened, long, thin, silvery, and relatively broad at the front but gradually taper toward the rear. They prefer humid climates and are found in hot and humid areas. They can damage household items and building materials, and their creepy presence will quickly make your home uninviting. Some people with severe allergic reactions may be impacted by silverfish faeces or skin moult. Well, you can get our services for Silverfish Pest Control Brisbane at any time,

Getting rid of Silverfish Infestations requires professional help. We at Max Pest Control Brisbane can thoroughly assess your Silverfish Control Brisbane problem and determine the most suitable Professional Silverfish Treatment in Brisbane.

There are different types of Silverfish

Silverfish are among the most common pest insects in the world. And, we can control different types of silverfish such as:

  • North American Silverfish

The North American Silverfish is silver or pearl-grey in colour, with glistening scales covering its body. It has shiny scales that almost look like fish scales.

  • Four-Lined Silverfish

There are four distinct lines running down its back consisting of black scales, and it has a tannish-grey colour.

  • Grey or Giant Silverfish

Silverfish of this species are slightly larger than common silverfish. The antennae and bristles on their rear are longer and hairy.

  • Firebrat Silverfish

Firebrats have longer antennae that often extend beyond their abdomen. Firebrats have a mottled grey colour with patches of darker grey over the dorsal surface of the body. To get rid of silverfish pests, hire us for Silverfish Pest Control Brisbane.

  • Bristletail silverfish

These insects can grow up to 12mm in size and have a flat body which makes it easy for them to hide in cracks. In addition to being fast, they can also move sideways. And if you want to get rid of any type of silverfish, call us for Silverfish Control Brisbane.

  • Jumping bristletail silverfish

In appearance, Jumping Bristletail is quite similar to a Bristletail Silverfish. It has a distinctive feature; they can jump very high.

For Silverfish Extermination, Max Pest Control Brisbane is the local pest control team you need to contact. You can call us 24/7 to book an appointment for silverfish removal services in Brisbane or Silverfish Extermination in Brisbane.

Our Services

The Three Main Steps for Silverfish Treatment We Follow

Silverfish Infestation can actually cause a lot of damage. Professional help is necessary for many situations, we Max Pest Control Brisbane offer first-class pest control services with quick response time. Just you need to book us for Silverfish Control Brisbane.

  • Inspection:

Our licensed technicians will inspect the property to determine the cause and condition of the infestation. When the problem is identified, our experts will proceed with the treatment of Professional Silverfish Treatment.

  • Treatment:

Once the structure has been inspected, Our service providers will treat the interior with a residual product that contains an insect growth regulator to prevent future infestations.

  • Prevention Advice:

After completing the Silverfish Treatment or silverfish extermination in Brisbane, our professional and licensed Pest Controllers will provide a detailed report. A report describing the causes or conditions found, and recommendations to prevent any future infestations.

Are you having a problem with Silverfish? If so, why should you consider MAX Pest Control Brisbane?

MAX Pest Control in Brisbane is the best team for Silverfish Control in your home & business. Here are some reasons behind this:

  • Silverfish control solutions are insured and certified

We are dedicated to continuing training and recertification for our Local Pest Controllers. With an experienced and diverse team, nothing unsettles us. We only use products that are safe, low-risk, and will provide a pest-free environment when you hire us for Silverfish Extermination Brisbane.

  • Experts in the field are hired to do the work

Our highly trained Pest Controllers are one of our most valuable resources for delivering excellent silverfish removal services in Brisbane to our customers. They are prepared and experienced problem-solvers with years of experience when you choose us for Silverfish Control Brisbane.

  • Appointments are available on short notice

Our response time is 24 hours compared to the industry standard. A dedicated, on-time service is available 24/7.

  • Savings of up to $20

We offer you very affordable pricing and offer the best value for your money, we can help you save money.

  • Follow-up treatments, upon request

You don’t have to worry about such infestations happening again. Upon your request, we even give you follow-up treatments after the pest control.

We are available 24/7 for Silverfish control services in Brisbane

Our Professional Silverfish Treatment in Brisbane is available for both residential and commercial customers. We have over 20 years of experience backing up our fully trained silverfish exterminators. We provide industry-leading Silverfish Pest control for effective Silverfish Removal Service in Brisbane. We are available 24/7 to assist you with Silverfish Pest Control in Brisbane.

For More Than 20 Years, We’ve Provided Affordable Pest Control in Brisbane

We Max Pest Control, have been doing Silverfish Pest Control Services in Brisbane for more than 20 years, to eliminate the ants infesting your house once and for all at a very affordable price. You can see the impact of our 20 years’ experience in our services and works. You can be sure that only silverfishes and pests will be targeted, and the rest of the house will be in a normal position.

Cover Entire Brisbane For Silverfish Control Service

If you suspect Silverfish Infestation in your home, it is best to contact the pest control experts near you, Max Pest Control Brisbane, to conduct a thorough inspection to identify the source of the infestation & Silverfish Removal Service in Brisbane. We also serve Brisbane’s nearest area:- Armstrong CreekFlaxtonSpring Hill, and many more areas. We have served in every corner of Brisbane and we know the entire area thoroughly.

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